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Earth Moving


At CES Excavation  TEXAS , when it comes to earth  moving, speed is critical; however accuracy can never be sacrificed.   Precise haul routes and cycle times are essential to a timely execution  of the available machine power. Planning of these precise haul routes  begins in the preliminary stages of the project.  CES Excavation  TEXAS will  often partner with clients and general contractors early on to provide  Value Engineering.

With multiple machines in motion at one time on different sites, CES Excavation´s experienced superintendents monitor and direct assets seamlessly at all times based on the requiremets.

Material management is key in reducing the amount of fine grading  required.  Above all, soil movement, aeration, and compaction remain the  focus of all site operators.

Through the combination of technology and experience, CES Excavation continues to be set apart from the competition.



Whether your project consists of a traditional trench foundation or a complex caisson system, CES Excavation  can perform all your detail excavating needs.  With an experienced  staff of operating engineers, We can stage a safe, multifaceted  excavation, under the most grueling circumstances. Regardless of the  size or the complexity of a project, staging and coordination with other  subcontractors  is critical.

Planning of any excavation begins during the bidding stage of the  project, when the estimator reviews plans and begins to formulate a  staging plan.  This staging plan is reviewed with the general  contractor, prior to the submittal of any proposal, in order to reduce  any conflicts with other subcontractors. CES Excavation works closely with soil retention contractors on any special foundation project.  It is through staging and coordination that CES Excavation meets and often exceeds project schedules.

Land Developement

We can help you plan your job from start to finish with planning and construction management. 

 Site utilities : water, electric, sewer, and storm drains.

Road Construction

RV Parks and Lots

Other Construction


The Great Wall of Texas

In December of 1999 Kevin Richeson was asked to view a wall in the  county of Rockwall Texas. When he viewed a ditch about 3 ft deep and 10  ft long he was impressed that there as wall there. After purchasing a  Cat crawler loader Kevin began to dig.  The next  18 months  were spent  excavating a hole 42ft deep, 175ft long and 100ft wide, exposing a large  section of the wall. The wall then collapsed and Kevin spent 11 months  filling in the hole.  Kevin personally invested over 100k dollars to  find out the truth of the wall.

Many years later Kevin was speaking to the Collin county archeology  group and meet a gentleman named Adam Nix of Wylie Texas. While Mr.  Nix was watching an episode of America Unearthed, he sent a note to the  show and said he new who had excavated the wall before. Kevin was than  contacted by the show and was asked to re-excavate the wall for the  show.  In march of 2013 the excavation began again only 100 ft from  where the excavation in 2000 took place.

The famous Great Wall will be explained this month on History 2.  It  was a great experience to work with Scott Wolter from the show. We  worked with Sherrie Fowler, Adam Nix, Daniel Richeson(My Son) Larry  Anderson, Rick Donaldson, and Dr Giesman (UTD) Filming was done at  Zanatas restaurant, and at the site on FM 552 Rockwall Texas. The airing  of the show will be on History 2, America Unearthed called the Great  Wall of Texas, on December 14th at 8pm cst.